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Hi Folks.  I'm looking for more informations on inboard engines instalations, handling...pro and cons... anything related will be very apreciated...  I don't see very much Wharrams with this kind of engines, most of them are outboards... Although I have to agree that outboards are very convinient to instal, handle and maybe do repairs, I just don't like the looking of pods or things hanging in the bottom of the deck.   Also i think diesel inboard are more reliable, if you have to use than for a extended periods...  Those are just my thoughts... I have no experience in the topic, and new to the sailing world...any help is more than welcome. 

So if have a inboard instalation share here please.



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I think this would be a good idea, lets hope someone can help :)

Look at Bertram's tiki 46 "grand pha". Hybrid diesel electric...

There are a number of reasons why NOT to use inboard diesels - cost, weight, loss of space inside both hulls, smell, and most particularly a number of extra through-hull openings. I think there are quite a few Wharram cats with a single diesel installed in a pod on deck, with a long, liftable prop shaft. That makes more sense, but you only have one engine then. It's useful to have two props for turning in tight places like harbours! Hybrid electric nice if you can afford it!

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