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How long to get a Tiki 26 from trailer to sailing?

Hi folks! I'm brand new here.

I'm interested in building a catamaran that can be trailed behind my car from where I am in Northern California to the Puget Sound/Salish Sea area and Southern California, as well as being a good boat to sail locally around San Francisco Bay for a day or a weekend. How long does the Tiki 26 take to set up for sailing from a trailer? Is this something that works for a day sail? Do the straps save much setup time over lashings?

I like the Tiki 26 because of it's capacity, compared to other self-build trailerable cats in that range, as well as its seaworthiness. I also just like the look of the Wharrams.


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I'm also thinking about trailing a cat up to the Puget Sound and BC (we live in Oregon).

I'm convinced that the trailer is a big part of the equation.

In other threads, I've seen a couple examples of trailers which spread the hulls to ready for launch.

That would save a bit of time.  Getting the mast up and strung is another chore.  Still thinking about how to speed that up.


Jarod, thanks for the reply. The longer trips aren't the ones I'm worried about. If it takes all morning to set up for a week-long cruise, that's fine. But if I want to go out for a day, taking all morning to set up, then about as much time to get back on the trailer would inhibit the usefulness of the boat.


I can get to this stage in 2-3 hours using the main sheet and a 3metre gypsy pole to raise the mast.


Thanks for the reply.

That's not too bad. How long do the beam lashings take?

The only time that I change a lashing it took me half an hour or more to make it tight (and latter I have to tighten it more).

It was one of the inner lashings, the exterior ones may be easier to tight. But if with practise it takes you 15 minutes, you still have 12 lashings, so you need at least 3 hours for the lashings. Then you have to attach the front net, and of course previously you have to put the central plataform between the beams (mine is heavy, and it needs many people to lift it).

Then becomes the mast, (if it is a wooden mast, then it is heavy and it is better If you have a crane to handle it) and you need to attach the shrouds with the correct length (they use lashings). Next you have to connect the electronics, etc.

I've seen a report of a familiy of four that it takes only four hours trailer to sail away, but I suppose they work assisted by a crane.

In short, I dont't think the T26 is suitable for a day or a weekend sailing. Sure you can trailer it and sail it for a season, but I don't think it would be nice to do it often.

you may be better off waiting on the Mana 24

Mana 24 doesn't have the capacity.

I have 4 beams as you can see, once you get started and have a system sorted it should take you no more than 2 hours. Just make sure you use a no stretch braid.

That said I have put this boat together and pulled it apart 3 times now.

My mast is Aluminimun and takes about half an hour to raise and tighten the rigging single handed bearing in mind it is a vastly different foot system to Wharrams as you can see by the pic. Next time i drop it and raise it again I'll post a pictorial and time it.

I've built the boat for single handed sailing so I need to be able to do the setup the same and should take me no more than 4 hours from arriving to being in the water.

Would I consider it a day sailer, including set up? No.

A weekend get away? For sure.

Gary Prost said:

Thanks for the reply.

That's not too bad. How long do the beam lashings take?

I'd love to hear from someone who uses ratcheting straps instead of lashings to see how long they take. I'll start fishing through the photos and see who has them.

Thanks, everyone!

I don't think any of the wharrams are real trailer sailors. The Tiki 26 takes all day to set up. I also have a boat designed as a trailer sailor it takes 30mins to launch and sail away .she is a monohull with free standing mast in cantalivered tabernacle.

Thanks. I may need two boats. :)

I'm also going the two boat route.

I really love my Tiki 26, beautiful really capable boat, but trailer sailer it ain't.  Trailer to sailing away about two days!  I've got lots of electrics etc and the cockpit is a big lump which needs three people to man-handle.  I'm building a new cockpit in carbon fibre but even that will be a two man job.

This winter I'm planning to order a BayRaider Expedition from Swallow Boats.  Trailer to sailing about twenty minutes!  My sons and I want to trail it to Scotland to sail the Great Glen, to the Lake District, or to the West Country or even France.

When I've finished modifying the Tiki she'll be launched and used for longer trips.  I'd only dismantle it and bring it home again if I had more work to do on it.

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