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I would love some ideas on where you would put the manual windlass in this photo.

And a design that would be low impact to the mast case. The previous owners built this and didn't have a great plan from what I can tell. Would love to see yalls ideas and iterations. 

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That looks very much like the foremast case on a tiki 38. If so, the pad at the after end of the case is designed for a regular winch for the anchor rode. There should be a roller on one side of the cleat to hold the line clear of the case. I guess you could mount a windlass on that plate. FWIW the plans were revised on the T38 to add another layer of ply under the pad for reinforcement. 

looks like a nicely built boat!

Thanks for the reply Axel. It was a build we picked up and was like this. I have since modified the setup and all is good! 

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