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Hello everyone!  Here's a freaky coincidence... I've been following Rory's Cookie adventures and site for a while; just as he sold his boat, to one Steve Burge, I, one Steve Burrage, also originally from England, but living here in beautiful BC, Canada for the past few decades, bought a much less famous Tiki 21! Isn't that weird?  I don't know much about my boat in terms of it's builder, age, plan #, etc... but it has a Hobie 16 rotating mast and sailrig, which I'm leaving as is for this summer. Seems to work fine, plus you can rake the mast 'on the fly'.  (anyone else seen this mod? Just added an anchor bridle, rear traveller (rope), mast step hinge, navigation lights, and various other bits and pieces. I have appreciated all the discussions and comments from the various Tiki 21 owners; very informative, thanks!

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