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Gunwale/outwale/hull stringer rot repair help. Also dolly solution pics

Hi everyone, 
my t-26 has rot on the outwale. It looks like the fiberglass from the deck cracked at the corner and allowed water to infiltrate. My plan is to remove the rotten sections and reglass.

Looking at the build book it appears that the glass from the deck drapes over the gunwale and the glass from the hull meets the bottom of the gunwale (see photo below). Do I cut the glass back to the deck replace the gunwale and then use a 6 or 8” strip of glass overlapping the deck and hull glass? Do I grind a taper and use multiple strips of differing widths over the gunwale To affect a structural repair? Is the gunwale important in terms of how the deck fastens to the hull? There does not appear to be any hull rot...



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