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I'm asking about the big cat to the right. Thanks =0)


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Looks like a Tiki 46 to me. 

yep, tiki 46 build in Phuket, seascape. (next is a tiki 30 build by seascape, for sale on this website , nok talee)

Picture taken in thailand.

Bob, american dentist  owned and sailed her.

Awesome! Thanks! I've often wondered what she was but never saw one quite like her. 


Yup.  We remember when Bob (I think he spelled his name Kupps) visited our building site in Britain back in 1998 or 9.  He bought plans for hull number 2 that very day and flew out the very next day to Thailand to begin the building in the yard out there.  He was a retired dentist.  We had many letters from him after that about the boat.  It is nice to keep track of these things and to have the history of all the owners.   Ann and Nev

Who owns her now? And what is her name?

In fact Bob got theTiki46 plan N°3 (I have the N°2). His boat has been bought by French friends, the boat was anchored in Thailand and they were sailing on the indian Ocean during 5 years before to sell her again 2 years ago. But I don't know the name of the new owners.


That's correct, Bertran.  It was a long time ago and I mis remembered. 

Thanks for all of the info everyone!... I think one of my questions might have gotten misunderstood... Does anyone know the name of the boat?

Thanks! =o) 

When owned by Serge and Martine the name of the boat was SANYASIN : http://www.tiki46.com/hulls_03.htm

Now I don't know if her name is always the same.



Sanyasin was the name Bob Kupps gave hull #3.

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