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Well it looks like Audrie and I will be on the move, with the climate here the boating season is very short, futhermore with the small population and economic climate here the marine industry has hit an all time low with no signs of recovery anytime soon.

So we will be moving to somewhere with a far more vibrant marine industry and a warmer climate.

I have 19 formal qualifications in Yacht and Boatbuilding and by September I'll hopefully have a Lloyd's Diploma in Small Craft Surveying, by January I'll have a Pahi 63 open for Charter so amongst all that someone some where should find a use for my qualifications and ship.

In the mean time I'll be finishing off all the current projects I got landed with at the start of the recession and I'll be having a firesale to get rid of them all, then we'll be joining the Pahi and sailing it to our new home, but where? Any suggestions?

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I just can talk for myself, but I'd choose my place definitely somewhere between SE-Asia and NZL! With a Pahi 63 (which costs money for maintanance, even if you do the most yourself) I'd choose NZL - there everything comes together, good people, a big boatmarket, lots of opportunities for boatbuilding and doing repairs, good chances to run a charter business and a enviroment which could not be better for a sailor. And NZL is friendly towards immigrants of your calibre. All the best and fair winds! LOL - I'll get soon a pension, then they will welcome me as well.......

LOL - sorry I forgot: Beautyfull Audrie is from the Philippines, if I'm right, so why not start something there? Palawan, Calamian-Group, Malaysia and the Indonesian archipellagos are relatively near, the pacific as well.

That was well tought of but the Philippines is not the tourist Mecca is should be due to civil unrest. Security is a big issue, political insurgents tend to make their statments targeting tourists and tourist resorts. Bali is listed because it's far more secure.


Why not contact Chris Bone from Oceans watch Org. in NZL? I'm certain there should be interesting opportunities. http://www.oceanswatch.org/ 

If 2 interesting determined men meet for sure something interesting comes out.

Cheers Wave


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