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Hey guys,

Casey and I would like to announce our new website, www.journey2live.com

We invite any and all interested people to follow along as we explore the coast line of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico in 'WILBER', our Tahiti Wayfarer outrigger canoe.

Our blogging will trail our journey by a week or two as the internet is very patchy in this remote area of the world.

Our aim is to meet locals and get to know them, not just look and run as is the normal tourist activity. There are many villages dotting the coast line but few are heard of let alone known about. We want to change this in a respectful way, show the world that the typical hype about Mexico being full of sombrero wearing, Burro leading bandits with big black mustaches as seen in spaghetti westerns is not quite accurate.

We will be filming, writing and photographing our journey with the end result being a documentary type movie that will educate, entertain and hopefully inspire others to get out there and enjoy this wonderous world of ours.

Again please follow along and spread the word about our Indiegogo.com fund raising campaign.


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Bien, bien, mi amigo. Para mi habla español mucho deficil, but I'm learning!...sort of :)


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