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Tiki 21 catamaran Cookie sailing at 5-6 kts into a SW Force 4 and closing in on the Nantucket Shoals just 60 miles to the WNW. 20 miles to our north is the f...

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Comment by Aneblanc on March 25, 2016 at 9:11am

Hi Rory,

it is impressive to see the mast moving so much compared to the lee hull. Have you ever thought it should move less? Or is it because of the camera moving? Are your lee shrouds quite slack when beating?

Do you think lashings on both sides of the hulls would have been better than the one sided bolting of the beam re. cracking of the backing pad?

You do have 2 shrouds a side: is it for redundancy or is there another reason?

Last question: is the mainsail sleeved luff around the mast held by a velcro or a zipper? Is it durable? At the moment I am a student of the Tikis 21, 26 and Hinemoa. I'd like to build a cross between those 3.

I have been sailing from Europe to North America and back 5 times in the last 20 years with my kids as children or teenagers on an Eric (Atkin) and on a Wylo II. Last crossing was 2 years ago with my eldest son and my wife: 32 days from Lunenburg to Kinsale. Thank you. Thierry

Comment by Rory McDougall on March 27, 2016 at 4:17am

Hi Thierry,

Yes the mast definitely pumps when going to windward. So it is important to build a strong mast base for the Tikis. You will always get some movement on a beamed cat. You can keep tightening the rig but you will just bend the boat - even the racing multis get this. A 3 stay rig with mast base that allows for some movement is simplicity itself. The lee shrouds will always have some slack when pushing hard to windward. The downside to this is that I have had one of the wires unravel under the top swaged loop after 5 years sailing round the world.

Bolting the beams has worked just fine - except for when I used inferior plastic packing under aft beam bolts during the Jester. If anything the bolts allow less movement of the hulls. I would lash both connections next time for ease of assembly and disassembly.

Yep two shrouds per side gives backup strength - needed as I said, one shroud unravelled. I upgraded the forestay and bridle from 4mm to 5mm wire and fitted much larger eye bolts in stems. I would lash bridle through stems next time.

Mainsail is sleeved around the mast. My sleeve is permanent - no fasteners. It installs to mast when mast is down. I didn't want any zip or Velcro failures when I was crossing oceans. If I needed to repair it I can't take it below anyway. For me it is the best mainsail solution for a cat!

Cheers Rory


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