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At 2:39pm on November 12, 2010, le gall marc said…
Hello David,
Thanks for the compliments, Bravo also for your achievements, magnificent!
I hope to start a beautiful Tiki a few times, I make my gipsy caravans in Romania and I miss the sea!
At 6:29pm on January 4, 2011, barry howard said…
thanks for the comment....i was surprised to see that your profile photo is the one i'm using for my desktop wallpaper...you built this boat, yes? beautiful craft.
At 6:45pm on January 4, 2011, barry howard said…
i noticed you left a comment on the gypsy wagon guys page that you have built several housetrucks and busses. i have built these things also over most of my life...currently building two microhouses of my own design on utility trailers. my girlfriend and i have also been designing a reading style gypsy wagon. nice to see such a cross-over.
At 9:11am on January 14, 2011, Randall Anselmo said…
Sorry we missed you the other day, and sorry for the short notice...that was my wife that left the message on your voicemail. Perhaps we can give you more advance warning on our way back north in about 3 weeks for a quick stop and hello.
Best wishes,
At 9:11pm on February 25, 2011, Randall Anselmo said…
Yes, David, it was a great trip!  Sorry we didn't get a chance to say hello on the way back, we were a bit rushed.  Hope to do some summer sailing on Lake Champlain and/or Maine coast, but quite possibly Florida Bay & the Everglades next winter.  Perhaps the next Florida Wharram rendevous? We'll try you again then.
At 9:14pm on March 29, 2011, Iain & Cherry Mae Cairns said…
Good day Dave, these hulls are in a paddock just north of Auckland, New Zealand. I will be cuming to the Phillipines shortly my new partner is from there, we have discussed the possibilty of visiting ur yard. Iain
At 3:52pm on March 30, 2011, Iain & Cherry Mae Cairns said…

Good day Dave, sorri 4 the confusion, thank u 4 ur comments.

Thanx 4 clearing that up.

I will be posting photo's of my boat shortly, a boat builder has looked ova the hulls & says that there is sum rot in the decks but none in the hulls. I will be completely removing the decks anyway as i have said I will be removing the decks to build a cabin across where the open bridge deck should be. There are no beam troughs on the boat.

Thanx Iain. 


At 5:11pm on April 10, 2011, Marc LaFrance said…

Hi David,

Thanks for adding me as a friend. I must also thank you for all of the building photos, as I have had them saved on my computer since I started my build. I refer to them often. Fantastic job. Also looks like you have a great boatshop and team.

Leigh and I do hope to visit you sometime.

At 2:53pm on February 5, 2012, paul anderson said…

Hello David,i have made a rear net beam for my tiki 26,but i fear she might weigh too much,is it possible to make the beam out of foam and glass? Or i am i just been paranoid over a heavy ass?

At 5:00pm on February 5, 2012, boatsmith said…

It is difficult to beat the stiffness to weight ratio of an aluminum net beam unless you go to carbon. I have built several of wood and by the time I was happy with the strength the weight starts to become an issue. Foam and glasswill also start to be heavy once stiff enough.   jmo

At 2:16pm on February 6, 2012, paul anderson said…

Thanx mate, i suspected this and will look at some alu tubing.

At 6:51am on April 24, 2012, stella said…


I am looking for pictures for wikipedia articles on the Wharram Deigns.

One photo each for Pahi, Tiki and Narai/Classics.

I am looking for a side/ at angle view of the boat, if possible under sail, one of the deck one of a cabin.

If you want your boat to become the wiki reference for all, please upload your picture through http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:First_steps/Upload_form and send me a PM to put it in the article.



At 6:22am on September 2, 2012, Marc LaFrance said…


Just wanted to say that I'm a dedicated follower of the progress of all of your boat projects. Awesome!

It's always exciting to see your accomplishments, great craftsmanship, new ideas, the new shed....

Thank you for being such a resource,




At 1:50pm on October 4, 2012, paul anderson said…

Hello David,I am looking at mounting my auto pilot as you have done on Abaco,i was wondering if you had any more pics of this set up?

cheers paul.

At 10:12am on May 2, 2013, Bradley [Brad] Warne said…

Wow! Very nicely executed.

At 8:35am on February 14, 2014, john james said…

I'm concerned about crossbeam connections to the hull on the 30 footers  tiki 30. Up to now I've been planning to lash it was rope in the old-fashioned way. Now that the time is here I don't see that it's going to be so easy to do.I am now feeling locked into doing this with straps the way the plans call for. Please have your opinion on straps versus rope lashing connections.

At 11:50am on March 17, 2014, john james said…

Hello Boatsmith can you tell me how much one of my 30 Foot hulls weigh ?thanx

At 3:38pm on August 11, 2014, john james said…

Hello David can you give me any tips on how to set up the blocking underneath the cross beams I'm finding this to be a very frustrating exercise .Maybe I would have better luck by rough sizing the Blocks and screwing them in place and then trying to adjust the Heights and  angles..

At 8:28pm on January 20, 2015, john james said…

ahoy boatsmith I'm about to nail down the pod on my 30 foot Tiki I'm wondering if you wouldn't agree with my thoughts. I'm thinking I don't need such a long pod , rather have more cockpit and less pod . There's room for one forward birth across the beam,.Pod structure would still deflect  spray that comes off the bows, also form a  leading-edge for a simple Bimini. Would appreciate your thoughts on this pod plan

At 8:09am on July 29, 2015, sailorjoy said…

i am just trying to find out how much wind and speed my TIKI 21 can tolerate

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