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At 11:23am on January 21, 2009, Budget Boater said…
You're welcome. I must admit that I built this site for selfish reasons. I was tired of getting my posts edited and/or deleted on other sites. I wanted to hear the real words of real people who owned and had experiences with Wharrams. I am not afraid to give my opinions (based on personal experiences) and wanted the same from others as well without fear of being censored for an opinion.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email, or open a new forum discussion for all to contribute to. My first boat was a Tangaroa in much worse shape than most, and I rebuilt most of it at anchor. I cruised on many other types of boats with my wife and two kids, including a year on a TIKI 30 in the Bahamas. There are lots of people here with experience to help you with most situations you may encounter. Have fun.

BTW: your personal page is very nice.
At 3:19pm on February 8, 2009, Paul Lawton said…
Hi Sarah,

Where about in the Dodecanese are you based. I have sailed a fair bit around there and the coast of Turkey. About 5 years ago i was lucky enough to spend 18 months traveling on a boat with my wife and 4 year old son, around Greece and Turkey. Absolutely loved it. I found that the Greek islands were beautiful, but the best marinas and workmanship was in Turkey.

Are you living on the boat? How long have you been in Greece?

At 5:14pm on February 9, 2009, Paul Lawton said…
Hi Sarah,
I remember Lipsi. We sailed up as far as Patmos and then back along the Turkish coast as far as Antalya. we got caught in a thunder storm in lipsi and sheltered in a taverna. Very friendly people.

I can't wait to see your boat when you've been able to take off the various interesting bits of engineering that have been added. How many engines do you have?

At 11:58am on February 13, 2009, Pete Rigby said…

Am sorting out photo's, and will bung them to you ASAP.

You are very welcome to have a look at the boat. She is a 'built to plan'
Mk1, and might be of interest to you for comparison purposes.

I will be in Fareham apart from three days mid-month when I will be in Papworth Hospital being assessed as to suitability for heart transplant.

Best wishes.
At 3:21pm on August 14, 2009, Pete Rigby said…
Hi Sarah et al,
It has taken a little while to swallow being refused a heart transplant because my lung function has been compromised by the drugs I take to keep the pump going.

However, the upside is that the ball is in my side of the court. In lots of ways I am better off being self reliant rather than totally dependent upon doctors and hospitals.

Work on my Wharram, [much the same as yours, as you know], has taken a back seat while I sorted out the health nonsense. As well, this time of year I organise a couple of cycle road races, this year the National Championships, which takes a fair amount of time and effort.

I was delighted to see that you hauled out your boat successfully, but sorry to hear about your trials and tribulation with the stick.

I will catch up with all the stuff on this website over the weekend.

Best wishes,

Pete Rigby
At 5:43am on August 18, 2009, Dennis Dalgaard Laursen said…
Hi Sarah, no we didnt end up buying the boat in the UK. I dont think we were up to the big repair job it needed ;) but we have got our eyes on a boat like yours Tangaroa Mk1´Rhiannon´ sitting in Cedarville ,New Jersey. It might be good for a start.....nice page BTW
At 5:49am on August 20, 2009, Kostis Maroulis said…
Hello Sara,
we live on Kea which is part of the Cyclades. See our agortourism farm at www.redtractorfarm.com . Our current boat is a traditional 6m 'peramataki' form the isalnd of Lesbos (see her here: http://www.greektravel.com/greekislands/kea/soultana/index.htm )While in the need for a more seaworthy vessel of the same approximate length I have the Tiki 21 plans and should beging building next year .
At 12:54am on August 22, 2009, Manos Amanakis said…
Hello Sara,
Thanks for your welcome words.
Hopefully, we will meet soon in a Greek anchorage, as the Dodecanese are the first island group I intend to visit, as soon as my Tiki is in the water!
At 12:49pm on August 24, 2009, Dennis Dalgaard Laursen said…
Hej , Sarah...cheers for that, we will ......
At 1:09am on September 9, 2009, Manos Amanakis said…
Nice photos sarah! Looks like the kids love the boat!
At 6:14am on September 20, 2009, Manos Amanakis said…
Hello Sarah,
I also see a resemblance between Greek kaiki and Wharram cats. Maybe that was what attracted me to these boats in the first place, since my first approach to the sea was in kaikis.
I didn't intend to order my sails this year, because as you may have read in my blog, my boat is now professionally finished due to family obligations. This added to the estimated cost a lot.
However, because I heard that Jeckells is untrustworthy in matters of delivery time, I am now thinking that I might order the sails until the end of this year so that hopefully I will have them until.... next summer!
I will let you know if I go for it.
At 6:43am on September 20, 2009, Ann and Neville Clement said…
Don't count on a long lead time in ordering Jeckells sails. We gave them over 3 years and they were still late getting them to us.
Ann and Nev
At 9:53am on September 28, 2009, Dennis Dalgaard Laursen said…
Hej Sarah,
Would we be able to see pics of the inside of you catamaran. Especially pics that show people on and in the Cat. We are contemplating buying a similar one in New jersey Tangaroa MK1 but not sure if its the right one for us. Also is yours bermuda rigged :) cheers
Dennis og Sharon
At 9:58am on September 28, 2009, Dennis Dalgaard Laursen said…
hmm feeling a little silly here ;) saw your pics below and can see the sleeping berth is big enough for 1 adult or 2 children
At 1:49pm on December 19, 2009, Manos Amanakis said…
Hello Sarah,
I have just ordered my Tiki 31 sails from Jeckells and I thought you would like to know about it. Their leading time for a new set of Tiki 31 sails is claimed to be about six weeks at the moment. However they had a set of sails in stock which I will hopefully have within a month. If everything goes as planned I will mail my first impression, but I don't think I will be able to tell you more about quality until I install them on my boat....this summer...?
How are thinks in the Dodecanese? Not much of a winter this year eh? Do you still have your boat in the water?

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