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At 8:46am on October 7, 2012, Capgeraldo said…

Maybe this is the reason, why the anchor did not dig in.
This is an unused new anchor.

At 1:14am on October 9, 2012, Capgeraldo said…

This might be the reason, why the anchor does not dig in.
This is an unused one.

At 3:23am on October 9, 2012, Bertrand FERCOT said…

Thank you for your explanation. Now I'll have no faith in this Manson anchor on hard sand ground.


At 7:06am on October 24, 2012, Thomas Mallunat said…

Hello Bertrand and Marie-Helene,

at the moment we are in Le Marin - for shopping and looking for paints. We have to renew the underwatership of our new boat, change the stuffingbox and some other things to do in the near future. We want to go on the hard in Cariacou and want to visit some more islands in the Caribbean afterwards. We do not know exactly, how long we will be here, our plans are still to sail north to Canada. But next year or the year after...?

It is good to hear that Grand PHA (isit still this name?) is in the water now and you are sailing. Maybe you have read it already, but Aorai is sold and is now sailing to Moorea. At least she comes to where she belongs - the  Pacific.

We hope to see you soon!

All the best and always fair winds from

Susi & Tom

At 3:29am on April 26, 2013, Demi & Dirk said…

Hi Bertrand,

first of all congratulations to your beautiful GRAND PHA!!  

Also many thanks for loading up the documantation of building your TIKI 46. Very helpful for new builders like us. We also want to fit 2 inboard diesel engines (Beta Marine 25 HP). So we have to fit the shaft-tube into the keel. I found a drawing on google, but in a bad quality. This foto was on Tiki46.com, but this site doesnt exist. Do you have this drawing in a better quality? This would help us. 

Many Thanks and all the best

Demi & Dirk

At 1:48am on April 29, 2013, Bertrand FERCOT said…

Hi Demi & Dirk

Today we are at anchoring in Swanage bay (UK) waiting for a better wind direction to sail to south Portugal.  Previous days we don't get an internet connexion.

Sorry, on board we don't have all the Tiki46 plans with my own designs.

Here is the picture of the shaft tube I have in my computer :

The angle is about 14° (the maximum angle admitted usually for the inboard marine diesel engines is 15°). So it's a compromise : if you reduce the angle you reduce the maximum propeller diameter.

Initially I designed this for a folding propeller but in fact I use a fix propeller; it's why I made a large round shape from the keel to the shaft. But now I think better to make this round more square to have a classical fix propeller fixed closer to the bearing shaft.

Best wishes


At 7:54am on April 29, 2013, Demi & Dirk said…

Hi Bertrand,

many thanks for answering and your plan how to fix the shaft tube in the keel. This helps a lot!

Wish you all the best and fair winds for your wonderful GRAND PHA


At 12:14am on May 13, 2014, Tom Vogt said…
Hello Bertrand we are going to be building a Tiki.38 and have decided after a lot of.thought and research that a biplane junk rig... unstayed would be our best choice. can you pass along any advice and such for a simple guy like me. :)
Thank you
At 12:20am on May 13, 2014, Tom Vogt said…
by the way. what was your final build cost on your 46' many would like to for reference purposes.

Thanks again
At 12:06pm on May 19, 2014, Oliver Knittel said…

Hi Bertrand,

I was reading very intesting your concept of your boat. Is's 90% that what I like for my selfe. YOu gave me a lot of Insperation. I allso saw that you sell your "small PHA" for me a view years to early still have to work an other view years. :)

I really like to know if you had any Ploblem with your energy configuration and if it's working fine. This is really a very good concept.

How are you fine with your Junk Rig? I read that the woodn Wishbons broke and that  you made some aout of alluminium. DId they work with out any problems?

Thanks for your Information and a save and Harmony trip.


At 3:14am on June 26, 2014, Oliver Knittel said…

Hello Bertrand,

I'm happy to hear that you got save over that long distance and that every thing is fine. I'm happy with you that all your Idears and the conzept and work you did are working out fine. This are very good news.

It would be grate, when we keep in touch and I wish you and your wife first at all healthy and second less problems as posible the rest you will mange :-).

Please let me know how your trip ist

Greetings from Stuttgart


At 2:31am on June 27, 2014, Alf Bangert said…

Hi Bertrand, I had no idea you were in this neck of the woods! Right now we're in Port Phaeton in Tahiti, enjoying the calmest and quietest anchorage we have found so far. This will be our "hurricane hole" for the Austral summer. Before settling in here, we will move on and explore the leeward islands, so chances are we may cross paths there. It would be great to meet you, and have a look at Grand Pha.  We will certainly recognise you from a distance!


At 3:14pm on July 3, 2014, Tom Vogt said…
Thank you for your reply. We have been back and forth on the Tiki 38 vs the Tama Moana designs. While the latter is less expensive my wife has determined that she needs much more so without her input I would still be in limbo. So as I stated earlier we will build the tiki and do want to insure the optimum deck space ....sooo an unstayed mast/ Junk rig for safety is the perfect choice. Iam just unsure as to implementing this as I build... knowing the wharrams are not so thrilled with the idea of a biplane modification. Any advice would be helpful on mast size/height sail plan area and Ce(center of effort) in respects to CLR ... raked mast or plum? things like this.
Thanks again
At 10:56am on August 24, 2014, lodevis benedicte said…

Bonjour Bertrand,

je navigue sur internet depuis quelques jours pour trouver des infos sur le tiki 30. et à vrai dire mon anglais étant limité je suis bien contente de tomber sur toi, qui je pense est de plus une bonne personne pour me donner des conseils sur ce bateau!

voilà j'ai la chance d'avoir depuis peu un tiki 30, bateau que l'on m'a cédé gratuitement, et oui il y a encore des gens généreux dans ce monde...

il a été construit par des amateurs, avec un système de fixation des poutres par des sangles en inox. ce système ne plaisait pas au dernier proprio (trop de frottement) qui a décidé de résiner les poutres. le bateau n'a pas été testé avec cette nouvelle configuration, il est en haut mais pas de navigation effectuée.

pour ma part, je me demande ce que cela vaut...et donc ai fait des recherches sur internet, qui disent que c'est plutôt une mauvaise idée.

j'aimerais savoir ce que tu en penses.

merci d'avance

bon vent


At 2:11am on January 29, 2015, Dave English said…

Hi Bertrand.
Thanks for making contact.
We are in the swing moorings at Williamstown. We live in Williamstown and have just bought Sarayu, but have no immediate plans for her. We will spend the next year getting to know her and doing some alterations.
I would love to catch up and have a look at Grand Pha.
I believe there is also a Pahi 42 in the bay, though I haven't seen her for some time.Regards,
Dave English.
How about we sail down to Geelong one weekend?

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