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So the shed isn't all done yet but its going to be covered in plastic soon for the winter and some prelim boat work.

since we decided to build a loft in the shed its taking a bit longer than expected; not that his is a bad thing since we plan on living in the loft ;) any how its in building and we will do a bit of foundation work this winter after i build a temporary stove in for heat (a days work at most unless i want to take and build a design from france that needs a little work to make it actually perform like a real rocket mass heater). yes i will get pictures up soon since i did promise this long ago, the season is slowing so i will actually have time to fiddle with this site a bit more. a few warnings about building a bow shed. 

1. the bows will be warped; this was a surprise to me but i should have expected it due to the cheap lumber.

2. make jigs refine them and make them really strong. you will be pulling a bunch of bows off the jig and its going to stress the blocks make it strong and you wont rip the blocks out of the backing.

3. if you add a stem wall like i did make sure the bows line up on each side. I know everyone knows this but it can be a little tricky when this are in a hurry and you raise the bows up with a guy on a 25 foot ladder who is just getting a screw in so he doesn't fall. 

4. Don't mount the building to the ground till you have things built. these bows are a little floppy so the building will need to be squared and leveled a bit after the bows all go up. not a bad job and its a lot better than having the shed in place and trying to make the darn thing square when its fixed in place. (ya i know everyone is a pro and things are always true but the bows being a little warped makes stuff a tad mobile.)

anyhow thats all for now and i will try to get the pics up this month. also i apologize for not being on much  but we need to build while the building is good up here on the mountain. 

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Comment by Galway Bay on November 23, 2013 at 2:52pm
Ernie great to see progress. One problem building under plastic is condensation. Consider a layer of bubble wrap or that polyethylene sheet for under laminate flooring before the cover goes on to stop this ? Also this sort of cover can get much too hot in summer.
If I was doing it again I would place a central strip of dark coloured plastic then some minimal insulation then spread the clear sheet over all. Plenty of light but no inside rain.


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