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An assymetric orcsymetric spinaker is nice on a small Tiki, but did some of you try a topsail? According to the gaff rig, it may be possible. Any idea around?



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Comment by Levi Verwoest on November 6, 2019 at 2:39am

Search Isis topsail

my Hinemoa had the tiki21 rig. Gaff topsail was great off the wind, I never got it tuned right to go to weather. My mast was extended to 7m as I had issues getting decent peak tension with the shorter mast. Also I had a spinnaker needing a slightly taller rig. If I remember right the topsail yards were just short of three meters, probably to big, hence my sagging issues. Also bamboo was a bit to flexible as too small a diameter, roughly 35mm. 

Hoping to get a topsail rigged on my tiki30, but got a fair few other projects first

good luck

Comment by Éric Bouvéron on November 6, 2019 at 3:11am

Thank you Levi, my mast is longer than the standard Tiki, since I wanted a better view under the sail and I also add a spi halyard.

Will try to maximise your picture to see how you fit your top sail.

Thanks again! And good luck with your Tiki30.



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