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Hello. Well I hit an immovable object with my tiki30 the other day. It did rip the port side forestay Ubolt right out of the bow stem. While inspecting the damage I noticed the wood was damp inside. Not really rotten but not a good thing. Repair s are underway and I chopped out damp wood and fitted a new stem piece all epoxied back in no big deal. I never hav liked the though bolted Ubolt Idea to connect the forestay to the stem. I’m considering drilling some proper holes and using a dyneema loop around though the holes as a connection point for the forestay bridle.Instead of the Ubolt.  Any thoughts Ideas or information will be appreciated. 

                                                                                           “We Gonna Hit”. Chris

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Comment by chris.t.schupp on August 15, 2019 at 6:53pm
Well I have completed repairs to the forestay bridal pad eye. Came out pretty good. I went ahead and put the old padeye back in. All that’s left is the topcoat of paint. I decided to wait till this winter when I haul out to put in new dynema loops. I will post some pics if any one is interested


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