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Building of the Tiki 46 n°2 "GRAND PHA" Part 3

Building of GRAND PHA

Tiki 46 N°2   Part 3

To end this blog  I have to open a third part.  Here are the links of the Part 1 and of  the  Part 2

In May and June 2012 I built the wishbones. Due to my good experience with PHA ( with in fact  too much confidence)  and due to my wish to launch quickly the boat I don't apply enough attention to make them enough very very strong (all this work has been lost, because they broke  with wind of  only 20-25 kts at the beginning of our cruise to the UK!).

June 2012 To fix the sounders-log I need to make a hole in the starboard hull :

Making a piece to hold the sounders :

The sounder support is ready to be glued :

Glueing the sounder support to the hull :

Preparig pieces of foam to get a best stream line shape:

The foam is glued with glass cloth all over :

View from the inside :

Until July 2012 I was very busy with a lot of finishes and administrative problem and although there was always a lot of finishes to do, with the help of friends and family we begin to dismantle the boat.

July 2012 Making a support to transport the pod :

At this time, just before to dismantle the cat, we had the visit of James and Hanneke who were returned with their 27ft Amatasi from the French Brest-Douarnenez Traditional Boat Festivals.

James :

Hanneke :

Before to descend the pod we put a lot of things inside and the bimini on the roof :

The pod is ready to be down :

Descending the pod with four chain hoists :

The pod is towing outside :

After we put outside all the beams and masts and built a strong wood gantry crane :

A big chain hoist is fixed on each side of the gantry crane and after to have move laterally the hull until the hangar centre line with floor jacks, the hull is slipped along by step of around 40cm. The difficulty is as the ground is not smooth outside with a slope it is necessary to move a lot of timbers below the gantry crane and hulls :

Our neighbour help us to climb the masts on the hulls :

As we have had problems with a first transporter who dismissed at the last time, it's only the 10th September than with two long semi-trailers for the hulls and one little truck for the pod our dismantled Tiki 46 has been transported until the marina of Moulin Blanc of Brest :

With the help of friends, family and harbour services,  in only one week all the parts have been reassembled.

After the crane has put the hulls down approximately at the good place, the harbour services put the beams on the hulls and with the help of  floor jacks and chain hoists we adjusted the hull positions to engage all the beam axes in the hulls :

Now it's time to put the lacing ropes :

The masts are fixed in each hull :

And now the pod :

The boat is now ready to be launched  (but not yet to sail) :

The 17th September 2012 is the launch day. A trailer placing under the cat with four arms lift the cat under the two main central beams :

GRAND PHA is driven until  the bottom of the slipway at low tide :

GRAND PHA is put on the ground waiting  for the tide :

At about 16h00 GRAND PHA  floats well on the water, 14 years after to have purchased the building plans !!!! :

Now the building is ended, a  new sea people life is beginning :  Sailing with GRAND PHA  


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