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This photo shows the neutral position of the shunting rig...with verticle mast, horizontal yard.
you use lines at each end of the yard to pull it down and lock into the now, new bow direction, with the whole mast tilting that way. The line is cleated and you now sail on that new heading.

When you decide to change the opposite direction, simply uncleat. and the bungy system brings the mast/yard back up to the neutral position, from where you can re-position, and pull the opposite yard line down to the now new, opposite bow deck, and cleat off. There is a third spar..the actual boom, that supports and spreads the midpoint of the sail in the sailing position
This was my first attempt to cut and sew my own sail.....this one was a bit complicated, but fun to make!! reminds me of a windsurfer sail

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Comment by Geminidawn on January 10, 2011 at 4:33am

I think the Proa is one of the most overlooked designs in modern boat building and certainly should be re-visited. There is a video on YouTube of Russel Brown's 37ft Proa JZERRO doing 17+ knts.

Shunting Rig...genius, makes a lot more sense than a slow ground loosing tack, this is where most westernised multihulls lose out.


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