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Gary Dierking designed this Micronesian Sailing Proa. He flew up from NZ to Honolulu, where we met. Some of the construction photos of this proa are featured in his book "Builidng Outrigger Sailing Canoes".....I highly recommend the book! alot of fun projects to keep busy with!!

The photo here, shows the Shunting rig cleated off, the mast shift forward, and the boom spreading the sail area out from the yard. The little 'iakos', or beams attach to the 'amma', the white float...the iako/cockpit jt. is lashed with line.....but the iako/amma jt. is lashed with rubber strips, allowing for some flexiblitiy.
The steering oar, has a traditional oar lock...and fittings on both ends of the proa, allowing for quick and easy re-positioning.
the photo is at Keehi Lagoon on the south side of Oahu, Hi

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