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my Tiki 38 lifted this week. Planning to move her by road on a flatbed trailer next week one hull at a time. Any advice as how to secure the hull on the trailer? I do not have cradles, planning to let hull stand on keel using big straps to secure upringht from beam attachment points. 

Any better ideas or advice?.. need to move her 800 km by road.

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If it falls over there will be big problems, so whatever you do think carefully about what could fail,some timber to support the hulls and help to keep them upright may be a good idea. Sitting on the keel should be okay but maybe put old tyres or some rubber under the keel to absorb shocks? And stop along the way to check everything is still okay.

build some cradles. what will you use to support the hulls for assembly?


Moved one hull without incident. Now need to return for second.

Will build proper stands now.

Thanx for advice



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