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I would like to know more about the mast rake for the Tiki Windsail rig. I am refitting my Tiki 31 and would like to have others experience on what angle works best. Plans call for 4 degrees --



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mast rake again ?

the Pahi 26 sheet conversion sent by Wharram give 6° for the mast rake for  Pahi 26  . But the sheet are those of tiki 26 mast step building with mast rake  4° . Dont answer me to give  5 ° ?

Too much rake increases the weather helm; too little and windward ability falls off.  Experiment! ;~)

thank you Kim , have you the mast step , adjustable rake notice ...? Or should i experiment during  the hardening of the glue ;)

 I am following the 6° , i suppose Hannneke gives that rake on purpose for the Tikiroa  ?


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