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Hi All, 

I know it says in the design book that the Tiki 30 is the largest trailerable Tiki, but does anyone actually do this?

It looks like a huge effort to dismantle and move around, not to mention the size of the trailer needed.

I would love to hear from anyone who has experience in doing so and if it is truly feasible.

Many Thanks,

Josh :o)

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i trailerd my tiki 30 severel times over long distances, it works. but, the tiki 30 is not a trailer-cat that you can assemble in a few minutes for a day of of sailing. that will not work. it needs me a hole day to assemble the cat or disassemble it. and i need the support of a forklift or a crane to do it. even the beams are so heavy, that you can't handle them alone. most difficuilt is, to rigg the mast. the load of it is nearly behind the aft beam, if its foot is on the mastbeam. so try and lift it ;)


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