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I just turn the boat and will have to do a change workshop, someone has a draw of small truck for running aground? For a Tiki 30?
Someone has waybill turned hull?

Merry Christmas

and good winds


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Hi Roger - Merry Christmas

To move my T30 hulls I used a simple trolly I had made up for my very heavy oil cooled welder. It consisted of a square frame 400x400mm (approx) welded from 25x25x5mm angle (mild steel) with M12x100mm bolts with heads cut off welded to the underside of each corner to form the axles for 60 or 80 mm diameter solid nylon wheels. I cut a piece of 21mm ply to fit the frame and screwed 2 by 44x22 mm x 400mm (to suit the ply) timber on to the  centre of the ply, separated by the width of the keel - these allow you to guide the hull without it trying to fall off. This was placed at the balance point approximately bulkhead 4 if I remember. Then with about 4 of us were able to move the hulls around. One person either side  near the middle of the hull and one person at the stem post and one at the stern post. I had fitted lashing strakes on the sides of my hulls (as per T38) which made it easy to hold the hull upright, you could always lash stout timbers to the forward and aft beam locating pads to give yourself something to hold on to.

This was fairly crude but it worked well we moved 4 hulls around this way.

I used the trailer from my 8m dive boat to tow each hull to the water (separately). 

To launch and recover the complete boat we made up 4 boggies that were joined together (2 per hull) by a 2m (approx) long s/s wire rope and the front two by a rope bridal that could be hooked up to my Landrover. Each boggie consisted of a carpeted steel channel with a 25mm diameter axle welded to the centre and 2 by 8 inch pneumatic tyres (they provided sufficient floatation to keep them in place in the water)

I hope this helps.



love ya work Duncan.

Thank you Duncan, but,

what is boggies? I don't understand this part. You lunch in water one hull, and before lunch another? They don't turn? Because the boggies?

The boggies are the things you make that have wheels on to move the hulls like a cart or small platform with wheels on.

cheers paul

Like this...?

Hi Roger

I moved the hulls around my yard using a 4 wheeled trolly one at a time and the hulls need to be supported by a couple of men.

I assembled the boat completely including stepping the mast before I launched her.  I used the 2 wheel boggies (trollies) 2 per hull (4 in total) to launch the boat and recover the boat for maintainance.

I have made more serious cradles (capable of supporting a hull unassisted) for a 28' fiber glass cat. These had 4 castor wheels.

I hope this answers your questions. What you have drawn should work too.



Base double 80 x 60 cm

Ply 20 mm

Tomorow is ok...


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