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Dear sea-people,
I'm very interested in Tiki 30 (actually I own a 21).

Waiting for the time to visit and to have a test on board, I'd like to know more from the very words of ones they are sailing on.

Some aspects I'd specially like to know better:

- seaworthiness
- trailerability
- how easy  waves came on board
- any information about the "pod"
- accomodation, especially regarding galley and toilette (can we stand up, anywhere  inside the hulsl or cook while sailing?)

Please don't forget any other things  you think important for an averall assessment. 
Many thanks and ... excuse for my english!

Tommaso  - Italy

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Hi Tommaso,

I have owned my Tiki 30 Nok Talay since 2002 and i can say she is a very seaworthy boat. During the delivery from Phuket to koh samui via singapore we were caught out in 35-40 knots and double reefed with 4-5 meter swells and she handles brilliantly with very little water coming over the decks. Most of my sailing since the delivery has been coastal cruising and for this the boat is great. I have a slatted foredeck and when we launched we were apprehensive that it would be an issue but have very rarely buried the bows and it is perfect for working with the anchor , sail handling and flying the spinnaker.
Personally i think that trailering a tiki 30 is possible but its a lot of work to assemble the boat so if you can trailer her already assembled it would be better, but i think that you would need a police escort or some other arrangement as she is quite wide... I would say that it takes at least a full day to assemble a tiki 30 and i only use a crane to step the mast as trying to do it manually was a nightmare for me.
For the galley we extended the hatch so that when its open you can stand in the galley and cook. We also changed the toilet arrangement and placed the toilet in one of the fore single berths. I just didn't fancy someone coming into my hull and using the toilet in the middle of the night and stinking out my hull and then disappearing back to their side! This also freed up space in that compartment for storage of ropes, fenders, gerry cans etc. You can sit on the toilet with the hatch closed and it is still quite private when open with the top of your head sticking out of the hatch so really its a toilet with a view!

We never had a pod, but did make a hard Bimini. I always intended to make a foldout dodger / deck tent but never got around o it.. have a look at boatsmiths deck-tent / Bimini as i think thats the nicest one i've seen so far. Personally i think the hard pod is unnecessary unless you are in colder climates.. in my opinion its just to small and pokey...

Hope this helps and have a look at my page for pics of Nok Talay...

hi Marty,
many thanks for your reply.
"A full day to assemble a tiki 30" should be very good to me. Cause in Italy mooring is very expensive and you expect to be charged for a Tiki 21 like for a 40 feet monohull!


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