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I have just taken down my wooden mast for servicing and to replace the standing rigging as it is now10 years old.  I also want to try and solve the problem of the outside of the gaff fork rubbing on the shrouds.  I wonder if the blocks that the shrouds sit in have been fitted to low down?  (See Picture 1) I have seen a picture on here where the block look nearer the mast head than mine (See picture 2 - mast 14). On my tiki 26 with an aluminium mast the shrouds went to the top of the mast and never rubbed the gaff.  I would be really grateful if anyone could advise on the positioning of these blocks (hounds?)  Does anyone else with a Tiki 30 wooden mast have this problem of the gaff rubbing the shrouds? Would it cause any problems if I simply moved the lower blocks above the upper blocks, the upper and lower blocks would then be back to front but would it matter if the aft shroud hooked over the foreword block or would I need to reposition the 'new' lower blocks so they are in front of the upper blocks?




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All sorted now, blocks raised and problem solved.


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