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Dear friends builders,
Would you like information about the weight of the cockpit of several tiki 30's group, The original cockpit is very light compared to the Abaco and the PHA.  I wanna do one as the Tiki 8m, everything in center, motor, compass, winch, and ice box / table near the foot of the mast. Would you like also build boxes under the seats, but I think it would add too much weight. I'm almost dismissing the idea. And do like Kavenga seats. What do you guys think?

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Doubt it would be as heavy as having a pod and our 30 takes the weight of the pod ok. We did use light weight ply.

I added one box under the seats on port for the tank. The fuel pipe is under the cockpit now. So I have a clear cockpit now. My seats are from plywood. I think, I will add more boxes, but I want them flat, because of the waves near the hulls.

My motor is in a box aft in the midde. If I`d build new, I would go for two boxes for smaller motors under the seats aft. I dont like the idea to have only one winsch. This solution is poor, if you sail singlehanded. Your jib has to stay back during a tack.

Don`t warry abaut the weight. In any case, your boat will be much heavier, than the plans say. This will be because of the gear or equipment and beer.

I agree about the winches, we have four (they are actually halyard winches so not expensive) as we also have winches on the inboard aft end of the cabins for the spinnaker.  Having multiple winches gives redundancy and also having them either side reduces trip hazards.


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