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Hi All,

Thanks for accepting my request to join the wharrambuilders site! I have been looking at building a boat to cruise the world in, with preferences of time, size, and cost to build. I have narrowed it down to the tiki 30 as I am quite limited on building height. I will be building in a 20ft long garage with 10ft of the boat extending beyond the garage. The max height at the entrance to the garage is just a little over 7 feet. I have the study plans for the tiki 30 but it has no information on the height of the hulls during construction. Does anyone have exact measurements so I can determine if it will fit my garage before I purchase the plans? I was thinking I could build the boat with the bow inside the garage to save on height. I would need a little wiggle room to roll the boat out of the garage / onto a trailer. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated! 



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Hi Brayden

I built a Tiki 30 some years back in a retail/office complex and had to get the hulls out through a set of double doors less than 2.1 m (7 foot) high and about 1.6 m wide. We got the hulls out no problem (I had also raised the coach roof by a couple of inches if I recall. So I think you should be sweet. I should still have the plans somewhere so I can try and get some dimensions for you. Bear in mind you will need to roll each hull to glass them.



Hey Duncan,
Thanks for the fast response! That sounds great. If you have the time to find the dimensions that would be great but no worries if not! The driveway is long enough to drag the boat out and turn if there isnt enough space in the garage to turn the hull over. I know the tiki 38 hulls can be built in a lower and upper hull section, I assume since the tiki 30 is so much smaller the hull is one solid section?
Hi Brayden, The maximum height of the Tiki 30 as per plans is 1.95 m. You will need to add any building cradle height. Although that could be kept to a bare minimum depending on design. Rob.

Hello Brayden,

i am just starting a tiki 30 build.  I was curious how your project went???  

Any advice, any design modifications???  I’m considering raising my shear line by a few inches to gain more cabin space/sitting head room.


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