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My Tiki 30 is designed for webbing straps but has been lashed.  I am thinking of replacing the lashings with webbing straps as it is hard to get them really tight without frapping turns.

Please can someone advise on what the plans specify for the straps?  

Are they over centre or ratchet buckles and what is the difference between them, are over centre buckles strong enough.  Also what width is the webbing.

On my tiki 26 I used spanset stainless steel ratchet buckles with 1" webbing which were fine, would these be strong enough for the Tiki 30?


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I used 8mm ropes to lash beams to hulls, instead of former used there straps as in original, but it was not enough, so had to make one more set. It was the sidehull lash of the same 8mm rope,5 turns. The result was perfect- cheap, simple,possible to repair any time etc. My reccomedation for TIKI30.

Yes,  it would be nigh impossible to get the lashings tight enough with out the frappings. The ratchet straps will work and are available in several sizes. I would be uncomfortable with th 1" straps. I also don'r like the over center buckles. Mind you I like my lashings very tight. I like to get the lashing to take up some of the rope stretch. I don't believe that you need movement for adequate shock absorption, The stretch of the line is more than adequate.

 I believe that Budget Boater used ratchet buckles on his Tiki 30.

yes, the stretch of five 8mm lines together is more then good.

don't really know where else to post this.... due to poor stock of white 50/20 English Braids webbing uve had to order 50m of the stuff direct from the supplier. I've around 20m to spare if anyone is after some? DM me initially.


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