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How fast is a tiki 30 really? I saw, that I can reach 50% of the windspeed under nearly all conditions. The fastest Speed I saw on my gps was 10 kn. 9 kn I saw several times.

I can go 30° to the app. wind with a speed of 30% of windspeed.

I start reefing at 20 kn of windspeed. But this depends on the waves. I have flat water hier and so the waves are short, but high. So may be, I have a first reef at 18 kn of wind

What are your expiriences?

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This dates interest me...

We have sailed tiki 30 Moku quite hard in a few races and she has always felt safe.  2 years ago we hit 17knots through the water (would have been about 20 over the ground with the tide) when the head of my small spinnaker blew out in a gust.  We had been doing a steady 14 knots until then and the boat felt safe but we did have the sheets in our hands ready and I did dump the main a couple of times. Sailing back from Falmouth last year we did a steady 12 to 14 knots across the channel under sheeted in big spinnaker with wind at 20-22 knots, I don't like to fly the big spi in over 18 knots of wind but we were going so well I couldn't drop it!

i have done 14 knots with my tiki 30, in 20-25 knots of wind. i have1 reef in the main sail and a bit off the jib (roller). It felt great!

We do not push hard when cruising as it wears the boat and sails out; that being said we have easily done 11 kn to windward and were reefing because the ride was uncomfortable rather than her being overpressed (and we had overtaken all the monohulls that had left before us).  How close we sail to the wind depends entirely on the sea state, we have done 11kn to windward in flatish water going through the gull channel near Dover.

The fastest we have been was on flat water on someone elses tiki 30 with an asymetric up and we got to 17 kn before doing a rapid downhaul of the spinnaker as dry land was approaching.

I was skippering a 46 ft Wharram years ago going down wind with the spinnaker up when we were hit by a squall and I had to do a quick dowsing of the kite.  I was focussed on the task as it was night but the bloke on the helm said that she was locked on course with a huge plume of spray either side of each bow.


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