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Thinking of building a Tiki 30, was wondering how much roughly it is to build one?

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US$ 25k is a good estimate

Hi Edward

I am going to be building  a Tikki 30 in Thailand. I am trying to get an idea of the costs involved. I have just completed a 20 foot cat boat (full keel displacement 2000lbs) in ply so I have some idea of the build process.

I was wondering if you would be willing to share your cost estimate break down?.....warm regards Pat

My email is patjah@gmail.com

here is a vid of our latest boat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbQ8bLtunPM

Edward Wolfe said:


The cost to build is hugely variable. I estimate about $25k, in the north eastern USA, for a simple boat with quality materials.  I'm sure for someone on a tight budget and good scrounging skills that number is high, and then someone hiring labor, farming out tasks, installing all the latest electronics could easily double or triple my number:) Heck some boats have $25k in electronics alone! Send a PM and I can give you the basic BOM, that will get you started on your own personal cost. 



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