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Hi Everyone,

I am having Tiki 30 (#221) built and would like to know which model Harken Roller Furling unit people use on the Jibs.

I see a small unit that is stated for use up to Cats 23' in size, can this be used or is the next bigger one the one to go for.

Cheers, Steve

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The small one is a little small. I went up a size and was very happy with it

Thanks for the feedback, that's the route I will go



What model number?


For a Tiki 30  I like the Harken Unit 1. 

I bought the unit, expensive (in Thailand) but is a quality piece of kit and will last the lifetime of the boat.

People in the know here say it is the right choice

Exspensive here as well

I know one furler cheap and god, call Alado A0-  890,00 US$, I will use one this. 


Boatsmith--you say Harken unit one jib  furler is the one. Are we habel to tension the forestay enough so that the thing works well?

we had no issues with lack of tension

I'm looking at replacing the roller furling on Moku and was looking at the Plastimo 609 or 811 units.  They are a lot cheaper than the Harken ones.  Does anyone have any experience with the Plastimo ones and how they compare with other makes?

I have had very good luck with the cruising designs furlers as well. The two T8ms at the Marriott in Marco Island have had theirs in multi-trip daily use for 8 years now and think that they really work well.They aremuch less expensive than the Harken.


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