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I saw a message about tacking and hobby horsing from Nigel Darbyshire but could not find the thread or work out how to reply to it so:

Hi Nigel,

Worry not, it is not hard to tack a Tiki but it is a different technique to a monohull as there is no keel to spin around plus the width means that they, like I suspect all but racing cats, tack slowly.  The way we do it is make sure she is moving nicely (i.e. you are sailing a bit free) push the helm over so that the leeward tiller is over the beam ends (I have a line to limit the movement) walk over to the jib winch and ease the jib across as she turns.  Once she is properly through the eye of the wind sheet in the jib on the opposite tack straighten the tillers and get back on course. 

It is worth bearing in mind that the main drives the boat up into the wind so if you have it in really tight it is worth easing the main sheet a fraction once she is through the wind and tighten up again once you are back on course.

The great thing about it being a slow tack is that it gives you plenty of time if you are single handing.

Wharrams do hobby horse because of having fine ends.  The only time we found it a problem was trying to beat out in to the Gulf du Lyon in the short high waves you get there, we just changed our plans and went down wind (and I suspect any 30ft mono hull other than possibly a long keeler would have done the same).

Hope this helps

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Hi Robert,thanks so much for replying,seems like i was worrying about nothing , i suspect the paragraphs in the back of my plans are generic article from back in the classics days , and still sent to prospective new owners as sailing advice cheers nigel

Hi Peter, thanks for the reply, i was hoping the tiki would tack a lot better than my hobie s , without having to back wind the jib etc , but as long as they do go around , without the dreaded going backwards with rudders reversd caper if you dont get the timing just right , losing any gains you ,may have made to winward. i think i understand the wharram concept, and they may not be considered high performance , but hope the tiki still has good manners

It is no problem tacking if you back the jib and don't bring it across until the mainsail fills on the opposite tack.  If your racing around the cans you will be at a disadvantage and in very shifty conditions its not worth tacking on windshifts.  For cruising its fine and easy singlehanded.  That said I have won some bay races round the cans but it needs to be windy so you can sail off the wind at 10 -15 knots and hope the fin keelers don't catch up on the upwind legs. I guess it's the price you pay for easy beaching and drying out as you don't have daggerboards or keels to pivot around.


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