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I am fitting the bulkheads in the lower hulls 

and having a really hard time the lower hull sides 

are perfect for bkhd #3 sides but the floor bearer sticks up and

needs to go down 15 mm more to rest flush on the 

backbone . Solutions I have thought of : 1)  plane 7 mm off

the lower edge of the sides and raise the backbone by the needed

15 mm or 2) makeshift bearer to lower the floor by the needed

15 mm.

I have heard another builder with the same problem

and he adopted solutions 2 (makeshift bearer) my engineer

soul is in turmoil ... anyone found a solution?

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dear Paolo,
I checked my old photos, but could not find such a problem. maybe I did not understand quit well. Is it possible to send a picture?
many greatings

Thank you so much for you reply Gottfried here are some pictures 

showing my hull and a fix invented by my friend who built a 30 years ago.

As you can see there is space under the bulkhead For it to slide down

on the backbone and the bearer would be flush with the top of the backbone.

However the bulkhead is already sitting on both chines On the sides and thus cannot move down any


This is the fix invented by my friend:

It’s a pity after putting the drawings on cad the matching curvature of the lower sides over the bulkheads is

one of the few things I didn’t check. I hate “fixes” but I may have to live with

this one since everything else checks. Here are some pictures of the stitching

process. Thank you!

dear Paolo,

it understand, thanks for the photos. I think the solution 2 will work because the floor is also fixed by the sidewalls with the epoxy seam.

I again checkt my photos from this working stage, but I can´t remember that situation. during assembling you will be faced with a lot of tolerances which, most of them, can be solved by a little bigger gluing seam. 

So I hope I could help you a little bit. keep on doing and have fun with your boat. attached I send you the photo what I found about my BH3 situaiton 
many greating 



Thanks Gottfried you’ve been of great help and consolation for

my angered engineer’s soul. I’ll try and minimize discrepancies filling

with epoxy where needed. I’ll use this discussion to post more photos as I 

make progress . If you will you could alert me if you see anything wrong .
thanks again . All the best.



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