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G,day all

I have been looking at tent options for my tiki and whilst in a camping shop i had a look at their tents.I wonder if one could use one of these''land tents'' instead of making one out of canvas.The models that i was looking at had a front and back door with mozzie nets,you may have to cut out the floor of the tent to get into the hulls,but i wonder how robust this option will be and wether you lot think it would work?

cheers Paul.

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I made a full cockpit tent but found problems with it.  Hard to get around. acts as a big sail doesnt keep the bugs out etc.  I now just use cabin tents as shown in the pictures attached


I was looking at the same thing, but I'm now not sure it will work.  The problem is you need quite a big tent to get into the hulls on a 26 and I think camping tents will be too floppy for the breezes you get afloat, especially as you can't run guy ropes far out.  You'd need to pull the fabric pretty tight and I suspect it will be too light for the job.  I bought a little "pop-tent" just to use to cover my cockpit toilet, planning to cut a hole in the floor sheet, but abandoned the idea when I saw how flexible the structure was.  There may be mileage in using the collapsible fibreglass poles you can get from camping shops, to support a custom made cockpit tent.  They're quite cheap and you can buy different diameters.

Fellas much to ponder,some sort of boom tent arrangement ie a cheap tarp with sides may be the go if i cannot find a robust tent.

cheers paul.

My boat's laid up at the moment, but the next thing I was going to try was a simple tarp over a pole.  The problem with that is you don't get any headroom out at the sides, but I was wondering about using hoops made from those fibreglass tent poles to push it up from the inside after it was erected.  You could probably put the ends into sockets along the outer edge of the cockpit seats, and adjust the length of the poles until you got the height and tension you want.  Just an idea...

Rob H

Boyz!  If your out at sea you won't need the tent unless you're looking to tent sail.  If your anchored up near shore and want a tent, set one up ashore.  SInce you just went ashore, forget the tent and go to the pub/bar or other fine pubic house nearby and have a drink - the company is better and the tales taller.  Remember what ever you do with a tent that needs to cover both cockpit and cabins you'll be mostly setting it up from inside the tent - good luck and think about it as you fall over the side cursing!  LMAO!  I made a big fancy tent that used bolt ropes and track along the cabin sides.  it split in two each section with a pole so it could roll up and store along the rails.  A flap covered the joint when it set up and it had fancy zip in ends.  All waterproof and pretty bug proof.  Well it's a great tent and it looks great in the back of my garage where I keep it and where it will stay until I repurpose it into something else.  If it's the bugz that are getting to you find a windier anchorage or throw a bit netting up.  If it's a cold wet day, nobody will be out sailing with you but the hardiest of mates and you'll either be telling lies at the pub or hunkered down in your sleeping bags dreaming of tropical isles, playing your mandolin and making up dirty lyrics or reading a good book. 

Tom methinks you are onto something here as you have had the real time experience.That there tiki bar would come in handy right about now with all the bloody sanding i am doing,do they sell guinness?

There are photos of my tent in http://wharrambuilders.ning.com/photo/albums/2195841:Album:20041

This tent is very confortable, given some privacy in port and shelter from the rain. The problem is that the tent is very high, so there is a lot of strain in the ropes between the boat and the marina when there are high winds. Usually I put down the tent in the night and put it up in the morning, it is simple with two people aboard, but not when I am alone. I think it would be better with a lower tent, like the one in the following picture.


I found this tent solution that may be the way to go.


Hi Paul, I see that's Volante in the picture.  Have you seen their blog?  No more pics of the tent, but I love their idea for keeping the sun off when at anchor...

This is their blog:-  http://annarobsail.blogspot.com/2010/05/boat.html

When I look at pics like theirs it makes me want to get Zest back in the water and sail away from cold grey England to somewhere warm & sunny !!

The best looking T26 tent I've seen is on one that was sold recently in England.  With our weather we need a tent more than some of you luckier folks!

Try this link:-  http://www.multihulls.uk.com/wharram/t261176.htm

There's a fine balance to be struck between too big to work and too small to be useful...


in case you're still mulling over the tent, here's a photo(s) of the tent that came with my T26 - it was made by D Sails in the UK and I think is a Steve Turner design - he built a fair few T26's I believe.

Although it's quite a nice space to sit in and doesn't have too much windage, its a bit restricted getting through the hatches .

Judging by previous comments, I guess it's a pretty good compromise.


Nick, how is the D Sails tent attached along the cabin sides? Dodger snaps or turnlocks?


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