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I am going to paint my boat using two coats of two part polyurethane paint.

Does anybody know how much litres of paint does I need? It is enough if I could know the surface (area) of the boat.

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You do not say wether you are spraying or rolling the paint on. If you were to use a roller i would imagine/guess at about four litres of paint, I assume this is both hulls and topsides?

cheers paul.

Hi Paul. I'm going to roll the paint, and I want to paint both hulls and topsides, the three beams and the plataform. Do you think four litres is enough for two coats? In the paint store they say to me that I can paint 40 square meters for liter of paint.


Ah yes Andres, with the beams i would say six litres will be enough for sure.

Thank you very much Paul!

Regards, Andrés

And there you have it! Straight from the horse's mouth. . .   ;-) Andres, that is expensive paint, I know; make sure you have enough in the can to finish the area you are painting. Then if you do need more, you can start on a new area with the new can.



Thanks Kim. I will keep that in my mind!

Is the first time that I will paint my boat, so I will go slowly.

Regards, Andrés


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