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Hello all,i have been battling to get the mast beam an aft beam to align perfectly with all four corners of the cabins on both hulls,the best alignment i get it with about 10mm gap on the outside(windows) corner of the cabins,is this normal or should the beams sit flush all along the cabin fronts and backs?
cheers paul.

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Paul, it's more or less normal.  I have the same gaps at the mast beam (about 10mm at the outside corners, and about the same at the inboard corners at the aft beam.  Regardless of this, the discrepancies are symmetrical, and the hulls are perfectly aligned fore and aft and the centerline spacings are correct throughout their length.  I think this is just the nature of stitch-and=glue construction, and no big deal.  

If it makes you feel any better mine's a GRP version and it's not perfect either!

Well thank fellas for your timely responses,man i was questioning my manhood, after moving the hulls for the millionth time to see if the things would fit, if i just moved them a bit more...

cheers paul.

;-) That got a good laugh out 'o me, Paul!


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