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Hello folks,

I wanted to share my joy, it happened finally: last Thursday, under supervision of big pastel-pink strawberry moon Itatae finally hit the water. Check it out the launching story made by video journalist for on-line travel magazine (audio is in Estonian, no translation unfortunately, but I guess picture speaks for itself :-) http://itatae.eu/from-paper-to-water/

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Congratulations Agur!

I really enjoyed the video :) 

Itatae looks amazing, you did a great job!

Now it's time to sail and enjoy your beautiful boat.


Génial! Magnìfico! Grossartig! Mais où sont les filles? Where are the girls? Cheers, Thierry, Brittany


Agur, congratulations from this side of the Gulf! :)

Hello folks, thanks for kind word!!

... about the girls, Thierry – I'm workin' on it! :)))


Agur & Itatae

Congratulations on the launch of your Tiki 21. It looks great - you did an excellent job.

Looks great. Well done and enjoy the sailing.


Thank you!

I had a very exciting summer and autumn with Tiki.

Check out the story how Tiki Itatae traveled from Estonia to Croatia so we could participate in World Clean Up Day along the shores of Adriatic sea: http://itatae.eu/quest/

PS! As I have new plans, but not enough finances to fulfill them, I have to sell Itatae: http://itatae.eu/sale/




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