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my Tiki is at the far end of the lake and I cannot for the life of me find my dimension sheet for her. 

We are starting to build a trailer in the next few days and I need a few dimensions. 

- overall beam

- width of each hull at it's widest point 

- a measurement between the hulls. 

It would be great if someone has these at hand and can post them. 

Thanks. Jay 

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Hi Jay,

I can't give you dimensions straight off the boat, but you can use this info, but just add a bit of extra for a safety margin.

1. I've just built new platforms: centre @ 700mm, sides @ 2x620 = 1940mm

2. Width of hulls at rear beam is 900mm. They may be a bit wider in the middle, but not much.

So as a guide you get:

- Overall Beam: 1940mm+1800mm = 3.7m (this looks right as I think the beams are 3.5m and the deck are inset where they meet the hull)

- Hull width : 900mm approx.

- Between hulls : 1940mm approx.

Hope that helps, but build on the safe side.

I do know it's 21ft long!


Hi Ian, thanks very much for this; very much appreciated. 

Now to build the trailer so we can get "Shag Palace" away from the birds. 



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