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Hey people, I've to install anchoring hardware on my tiki 21 (in recostruction). I'm thinking to put it on the rear crossbeam, in order to let me anchoring usually from the stern. I think it would be better if I sail singlehanded, so I can anchor or moor while working on the engine and steering.

Please let me know you experience. Pictures are welcome ;-))
Tommaso - A tiki in Italy

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HI Tommaso
I have a Tiki 21 which I keep on a mooring (over summer). Most times I sail singlehanded, and anchor/moor without any issues. I have a bridle which is attached to the hulls, and use that when I attach to the mooring. Anchoring is very easy from the bow. I think I would struggle to moor or anchor from the stern because 1) The Tiki 21 does not manouvre very well going backwards. 2) The tiller bar will get in the way.

The Tiki 21 is not a big boat, so to leave the tiller to pick up a mooring, or to anchor, is not a problem. I have a cleat on the rear beam which I use to fix a stern anchor to, in the event that I don't want the boat swinging (or when anchored close to the beach for example), but I've never only anchored from the stern. I attach a photo (not sure whether you can see the bridle from the inside hull going over the top of the fore beam...) . Hope this info helps. Let us know how you get on and post a few pics of your Tiki!


Hi Tommaso,
I living aboard my Tiki 21' "Polinesio" since 2000 and had sailing the brazilian coast. I never had problems to anchor or moor by the bow, even when I'm alone on board.
To handle anchor by the stern is very hard on Tikis, even if you have a stern work deck like mine.
I think is better improvement you build a chain roller on the stem to avoid crossbeam damages. And install a bridle on the extreme bow and another on the stern.

Hey Tarcisio,

The roller is a great idea. Where do you (and others) stow the chain and anchor? I assume in one of the forward hatches, but am wondering if a tub or wooden box should be added near the center of the forward crossbeam --- either on the net or forward of the beam... Or maybe one wants that area clear in a heavy sea?

Polinesio - Tarcisio Silva said:
I think is better improvement you build a chain roller on the stem to avoid crossbeam damages.


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