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   I am starting this group because of the wonderful response I got to posting some photos of my Pahi 31. I did not think there was so high a level of interest ih these designs.Long overdue perhaps ? But better late than never.

   The Logo is from the Wharram catalog 1980.

   I hope this group's page will build up in time to a reference for these boat. To help this I may from time to time gather together a number of related posts / comments under a suitable discussion heading eg. sailing, modifications etc. There wil be no "taboo" or "tabu" enforced.

   To start this I am posting the discussion REVIEW and kicking off with my own review of my Pahi 31. Comments welcome. Anyone out there to do the same for the Pahi 26 ?

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I would love to have a more objective assessment of the Pahi 26. On the one hand we have such 'downers' as Steve Turner being negative about the design, also a certain incident on an Austrian lake when an unladen Tikiroa was being driven to the edge of its design-envelope in katabatic squalls; on the other we have the testimony of Glenn Tieman, who even apparently half-regrets the time and money he wasted on his 'Child of the Sea', rather than building another 'Roa'.

Clearly the boat has a shorter LWL than the Tiki 26, and so might benefit from being a little longer overall [28 feet?] Also it may be far better in deep ocean-conditions than shallow-seas chop when compared with something that has a hull-form more like a North Atlantic beach-boat [as the Tikis do]. But this is [hopefully- intelligent] guesswork.


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