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after 20000NM sailing on the oceans, it is time for new sails:


Challenge High Mass Fiber Weave 9.88

LeeSail quote:

----1 pc Hank-on Jib of 9.4oz USwt dacron, 9.85m luff x 3.9m foot x 8.75m leech, with 2 reefs        US$911

----1 pc Battenless Mainsail of 10.3oz USwt dacron, 10.3m luff x 10.3m foot x 10.3m leech, with 2 reefs        US$2903

Sub-total:        US$3814

Less: 10% discount        US$381

Nett:        US$3433

Add: delivery by Fedex to Malaysia        US$260

Grand total, duty & tax excluded:        US$3693


Price Validity:   30 days from offer

Terms:   fully paid with order

Completion:  about 5 weeks

find more on: http://www.wharramsailing.com/index.htm

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