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I'm planning a Crab Claw rig for my Tiki 26 and have some questions for those with experience, especially Hans Wakataitea. I'm not trying to beat Bermudan performance, just make a good basic, affordable cruising rig. 

1) Best method of attaching the sail tack - directly to the bottom of the mast (Wakataitea) or with the tack forward of the mast (Ontong Java) ?

2) The angle of the sail spars and the plan shape of the sail at the tack - 60 degrees (Wakataitea) or less ?

3)Curved or straight edges to the plan shape of the sail - straight or curved spars top and bottom?

4) Jib, no jib?

5) Best method of reefing?

I've spent a lot of time searching the net and found lots of very good stuff and now it's time to come up with a compromise design out of all the info that I can actually make and use. It will be very low budget. I'll probably make the mast and spars unless I happen on a lucky find that will suit.

These various differences would be interesting to experiment with. I have good sheltered waters to get plenty of experience with the rig before venturing further.

Thanks for any help,


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