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The Plans I'm building my Pahi 63 from are numbered #36, therefore so far there is another 35 in existance? I doubt it!

It would be nice to see what big cats there are out there from 40ft+ Tiki's, Islander's, Pahi's. etc, where they are and what they do.

Please post of any big cats you know of and links if possible.

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Well there's us on Tiare an Islander 55. Currently in Pangkor Marina Island in Lamut, Malaysia.

Will be here for a few months as I repair my back mast  and do a few other needed jobs.


Pahi 63 "Il- Dana" Launching 2012 Philippines www.geminidawn.com (under construction) For Charter

Pahi 63 "Largyalo" Launched 2006 www.thaarkofideas.org/en/ For charter

Pahi 63 "KasKazi" 1997 Kenya. Currently for Sale.

We have nearly finished a Pahi 42 in Brisbane, Australia.  Hope to have it in the water later this year.  Although we have stuck to the basic Wharram construction and philosophy, I have made some areas stronger, and have made it very comfortable for the two of us.
I have the Teheni 52' currently parked in a paddock in Dairy Flats, Auckland, New Zealand. To be moved by the end of the month to a barn on a friends farm to start restoration & modification.

Islander 65 "Les Giles del Esperance" 2008 (approx), Seychelles, Charter & Relief Work (no link found)

Pahi 63 "Nirvana"  finished in 1999. Last Refit 2005. Aegean (Turkey).For Charter http://nirvana-sailing.de/en/home.php

Pahi 52 "Pakia tea" - Plan No 1, professionally built by http://www.seascape-asia.com/, currently in Phuket, refit planned for November 2012 - May 2013

Recently posted photos here of our Pahi 42 "Godzilla" here in Finland.

My narai mkIV 42 foot catch in islamorada Florida . Just got it. Our Spanish main cruiser... I know we barely make the list with our little twink


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