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Hello every one. Several news: Tigaki is now safely ashore in Brest and work has been going on and off because of the nightmarish weather in Brittany. One thing I had decided was to get a windvane for the Tiki 36, since there is already a plate specially fixed on the aft beam for one. I got in touch with my seller in Jersey (Channel Islands) and he never had used it and sold it to a friend, who had stored it in the garage and never used either. So yesterday I took the ferry as a foot passenger from Saint Malo to Saint Hélier. I got the wind vane delivered (Thanks again Matthew) at the ferry terminal. A huge thing weighting 31 kilos! I had quite  a bit of luck with the Condor Ferries employee, who decided it was all right to carry it on board even though it was 11 kilos heavier than regulations allow(Thanks to him). Arriving in Saint Malo, I was fearing that the customs officers would tax me 20% of the price of the Pacific Windpilot. But at 20:30pm the customs were closed. Lucky me. 

Today the weather is so bad that every ferry has been cancelled and I cant work on the boat. Perhaps this week-end, inch allah....

There is a new intelligent charger combined with a differential fuse box to plug a 220V from the poontoon into the battery system. Next with Gilles, the electrician electronician (Gilles had wired all electronics on Pierre 1er the trimaran of Florence Artaud that won the Route du Rhum, he knows what he is doing) we will cable and wire the aquair 100 hydrogenerator into the electric on oboard system. My crossing of the Atlantic Ocean this december january on a Feeling 39 monohull of friends has shown me that energy is of the essence and I intend to carry a Honda 20i generator to charge the batteries on transoceanic crossings. 

I shall keep you posted. Cheers Jean-Michel

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hi jean-michel,

seems that cat long distance cruises are to arrive shortly :-)   GREAT!

could you please post pics of the plate in the aft beam and of your sumuggled :-) windvane?



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