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Living in America's midwest (Kansas), puts me about as far from the sea as I can be. I think its about a thousand miles to the gulf and further to either east or west coast. I'd like to see a Wharram and am wondering if there are any sailing midwestern waters, perhaps the clear waters of Okla, Texas, Missouri or the like. My sailing was done as a younger man, on Hobie's hereabouts on some rather muddy lakes. Nearing retirement, I think I'd like to sail either the Great Lakes or coastal waters. We will be able to pick up and leave here shortly as the children are grown and our elders, well, are passing. I remain here to care for them. It's not an obligation but a privilage. My Mrs is on board with sailing providing some conditions are met. I don't have to provide a blue water boat, but perhaps something close. I like the short masted Tiki31 but am open to anything, even the Mana24 piques my interest.

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