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Look at this main sail tiki 26

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I'm not an expert on these rigs but I suspect the peak halliard is not pulling the back of the sail up high enough.  The same thing happened with mine the first time I raised it.  The way I solved it was to tie a lashing between the halliard and the end of the gaff, so it pulled up the end as well as the middle.  It was only needed when the whole sail was up, when reefed the pull from the peak halliard is much more vertical.  If your mast is long enough you might be able to solve the problem by having the sail a bit lower down.  Other people with more experience of tuning these rigs might have other solutions.

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I thought the same. Nevertheless, even if I pull down the sail from the botton, nothing changes. 

do you think the sail might be ....old?



You need to crank the shit out of the peak halyard. It should be at about a 45 degree angle. I let the gaff hang down when hoisting so there is no resistance on the mast. Once the throat is where I want it I lock it down and then pull the peak up hard until there are vertical creases in sail. Once you sheet in everything tightens up and you have a nice foil! Be sure to raise the peak halyard up before sheeting in at all. 

Maybe it is old but I think the main problem is the end of the gaff is too low.  I tried pulling the bottom of the luff sleeve tighter on mine and it didn't help much.  I needed to bring the top lower (like when reefed) or use a lashing to make the peak halliard pull the end of the gaff up better.  If I get a new mast I will make it a little longer...

This is not caused by an old sail. Step one is to lower the entire sail by about 12 inches (300 mm) by reducing the downhaul length by that amount. Raise the sail until the halyard is tight. Pull the topping lift (throat halyard) until the gaff is pulling the leech tight. Sheet the main.

If this is not working, the blocks might be causing the problem. The halyard should be on a fixed block and the topping lift block on should be separate and on a short line to allow athwartship movement.

In the video I can see the halyard, but I cannot see a topping lift attached to the middle of the gaff where it should be.

Thanks everybody.

I've tryed everything, but finally I've bought a new main. 

It is now here. I hope it will be better


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