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Audrie and I are looking to sail from Asia to Europe, as we'll be sailing a big cat we'll be taking advantage of her shallow draft, her drying capabilities and not using the marinas much. I'm just trying to get an average as to how much it would cost us to cruise for about 3-4 months or so. Do any of you LDC's have a ballpark idea how much I should budget for per person?

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So you want finaly leave the Philippines?

Hard to say, do you mean just basic living and maintenance costs for you 2 and the boat or total living costs, eventually with boat insurances, healthinsurance, excursions,  reserve for spares and breakdowns, etc? For only basic costs I'd budget not less the 1000 Euros per person and month plus some reserve if something goes wrong.  Cheers Wave



The owner of "Calagorm" sailed her from Thailand to  castlebay. May be James and Hanneke can give you his adress. He can tell you exactly, he took the route through the red sea.



Cheers Wave


Many thanks I ball parked 1000 per month but as I have not spent any such time at sea I wanted to hear it from someone who did. Thanks for the link! Red Sea? How did he get on the the Somali Coastguard?

On sea you will not use money - LOL! But for transit fees/visas, anchorages/harbourfees, agents, provisons, fuel, land transports, etc. (How did you optain your ship-papers in the Philippines?  Check carefully, so they let you take the boat out of the country without to many problems. How about the import tax in Europe?).

There are transit corridores. Check J. Cornells "noonsite" or contact below:

UKMTO (UK Maritime Trade Organization) (RN) Dubai
Tel:+971-50-552-3215 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE +971-50-552-3215 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Fax:+971 4 309 4254
UKMTO Dubai coordinates the management of all merchant ship and yachts in the GOA area. They also administer the Voluntary Reporting Scheme. If transiting the GOA it is recommended yachts position keep with the UKMTO on a daily basis and advise her plans with as much notice as possible and provide the information set out in their Yacht Vessel Movement Form, preferably by email but alternatively by telephone. In the event of a pirate attack, call the above number.

Good to hear you are sailing. On the question of importing a boat I worked in Customs a long long time ago...There is in Ireland a provision for people returning from abroad to bring in household goods free. It is often used for example by members of our defence forces serving abroad [UN  etc.] to bring back tax-free cars. The general rules that apply are - You must move your permanent address to Ireland [for min. 12 mts.] -  you must have bought the goods 12 mts. before your return - you must have been out of the country for a full year - you cannot sell the goods for 12 mts - 

I see no reason why these regulations would not cover a boat I have seen them used for all sorts of things...

A shipping agent should know the full up-to-date story - well worth a phone call !!

I imagine other countries have something similar - we are surely not unique ?

Remember once you are legal in any european country you are legal in all... you might even shop around

Safe Sailing


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