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My name is Thomas, I am a young wharram lover and have read all the writings and watched all the videos but have yet gone for a sail on one. I am wondering if theres anyone in New Zealand who would be interested in taking me out for a sail, I have sailing experience and currently work on a sailing charter boat in the Bay of Islands. I am quite keens on the tikis of around 30/38 feet and the classics aswell...well really any Wharram.. It would be great if the boat was up near Whangarei area but ill also be in Dunedin for the winter (South island winter sailing anyone...)

Im keen to hear back from anyone interested in furthering the dream.

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Sorry but i speak in french, it's more easy for me. 

La nouvelle zelande sera pour moi une étape dans le futur (j'espère dans le courant 2014) car je suis actuellement en train de construire ma pirogue double de voyage (ma future maison nomade). Mais ce serait avec joi que je partagerais un moment de navigation ou autre.

above the translate by google

New zealand is a step for me in the future (I hope in the current 2014) because I am currently building my double canoe travel (my future home nomadic). But it would be with pleasure I'd share a moment of navigation or otherwise.

nice to meet you

Hello , thanks alot for the reply, if I am still in NZ when you sail down this way I would love to come for a sail with you

Hi Thomas

I have a T38 in Whitford/Howick which I sail most weekends unless the weather is really bad. You can email  me on dave.vinni@gmail.com if you are in the area.



Thanks Dave. I will get in touch with you soon about a possible sail.

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