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Hi All-

I have just joined the site and wanted to announce that I have a Raka for sale. The short of it is as follows. As posted on craigslist-

It needs some restoration work due to rot, but all is above the waterline. In total I see approximately 3 4x8 sheets of 3/8 marine ply in the rot repair.

One crossbeam has rot on the very end that I believe could be cut out and fresh timber scarfed in to make that repair.

There is a fair amount of work required and this project is not for the uninitiated. That being said, if you are handy and had considered building a Wharram and believe you had the skill set to undertake the project this could be a very appealing alternative to starting from scratch.

This was a professional build and well worth restoring to whatever level the new owner sees fit.

The boat is stored in doors and un-assembled (cross beams are off). Each hull sits self supported in their own crude but effective cradles. Both hulls and cross beams will fit on a standard tractor trailer 53' flat bed and I can load.

If your interested in learning more, please send your telephone number and I will give a call and answer any questions and provide additional info.

Thanks ---

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Is this the same boat that sold in Delaware on Ebay?

Yes it is... 

Can I post photos on the forum?

I am happy to email photos to anyone interested.

Will see what I can do here.




I have just added an album and uploaded 18 pics. I have many more and I am happy to send to whomever is interested.

Nice pics! I have a few friends who were interested in building... I'll point them your way as a possible alternative.

Thank you Brandon.

I am happy to speak with anyone that is interested, and it certainly would be a good fit with anyone considering building.

Hi Scott,

we spoke when you bought her on Ebay a few years ago.  Is she still available? where is she located for inspection?  phone cleveland ohio 233+2837 (bot defeating format, sorry)


Hi Bill, Didn't realize there was any activity here until now when I looked. Perhaps my notifications are off. Yes she is still available. It is located in Pooler, GA. Feel free to give me a call @ eight four 5 2 six nine one 7 O 7. Anyone else interested is also encouraged to call.



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