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I love the well area forward of the pod on my T38. Its a natural gathering area and have often thought if I was anchored off one bow the smoke and embers from a firepit would head diagonally aft rather than straight towards the sail cover. I think this is  a great concept for a quiet night with light breezes or a still night. Love to hear peoples thoughts and anyone else using one or know anything about the construction of it. I think a Wharram really lends itself to a small firepit. What do you think?


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Some basic concerns:

1. The fire pit is directly under the gaff foresail. An ember and/or the sustained heat rising into the sail could become a serious issue for the sail

2. The fire pit is directly adjacent, and in close proximity, to kiln dried wooden decks which could light easily under the right circumstances.

3. The fire pit is placed between two engine boxes that contain gasoline and batteries, both with highly flammable gasses.

Most people with charcoal grills on their boats forget that the grills are located aft and outboard, away from just about everything flammable. The Wharram fire pit is located in the center of the boat in the vicinity of many flammables. It is not a smart idea. The one thing every Navy sailor learns from day one is that fire on a boat is bad. EVERY PROFESSIONAL SAILOR is trained to fight fires, regardless of their job aboard the ship. We can talk about all manner of precautions, but when you are playing with fire, expect at some point to get burned, and possibly lose your boat. Is it worth the risk? Not for me. But to each his own.

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