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Tiki26 - purchased study plans - now some questions please


I have been following Wharram catamarans for 30 years +.  I have purchased several study plans and now have many questions for the Tki26.

First question.  What are the wooden "handles" on top of the stern and bow designed to be used for?  I have never seen them employed in any particular use?  Can they be used for the traveller rope?  Can they be used to tie the boat up when alongside?  Can they be used to tow a tide-log, or secure a fishing line? 

Personally, I like to keep the boat as simple as possible, and if there is no "use" for these handles, I may elect to remove them from the build to keep the boat as simple and streamlined as possible. 

What are your thoughts please?

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I would bore a 25mm hole and fill it with a nylon liner/collared spigot to take a line (not that epoxy pseudo filling and redrilling false procedure). Much easier and you can thereby shield the end grain. That's what I have done on my 31. The hand holes on the 21/26 look nice though if you want to monkey around on the top of the stem of your boat (each to their own).

Hi Ian,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "a nylon liner/collared spigot to take a line"

I left the handles out on my 21 and just have solid ply there. No worries

Andy Nemier said:

Hi Ian,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "a nylon liner/collared spigot to take a line"

I just wanted to say that it's handy to have a hole through there for some unforeseen eventuality.

In the case of the Tiki 31 I use it for a line for the anchor bridle.

Re nylon insert: that's what I use for things like this. I abhor boring holes through the epoxy glass laminate. I find any way I can to avoid that. I don't subscribe to the bore out -n -fill tendency as I am never convinced that filling does the job 100% without air bubbles.

So I meant to say an" insert" really or liner. The ones I get off Ebay have a collar.

Cheers  Ian

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